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The Mission

We will harness the energy of students and the power of the free market to launch our nation toward concrete climate action.

The students of America are rising to the occasion.

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We are Students for Carbon Dividends, a national bipartisan coalition of students and student organizations. We dedicate ourselves to propelling the Carbon Dividends proposal to Congress. We will exercise our collective voice – capitalizing on our unique ability to maneuver social media – to gain the endorsement of students and student organizations across the United States and the world. We will articulate to our nation’s decision makers that we, the generation most affected by the threat of climate instability, want this concrete, effective, and sensible climate solution. In doing so, we pave a bipartisan path toward future American prosperity by protecting our citizens, our businesses, and the riches of our natural environment.

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  1. We will launch social media campaigns to propel this solution to the national spotlight.
  2. We will recruit an ever-growing coalition of students and student groups to support the Carbon Dividends framework.
  3. On campuses across America, we will organize educational events about free market climate solutions.
  4. We will lobby policymakers to support the Carbon Dividends plan and open the door to a bipartisan climate breakthrough.
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