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ANNOUNCING: The Economists' Statement on Carbon Dividends
The Largest Statement of Economists in History
students for carbon dividends
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We are Students for Carbon Dividends.

Students for Carbon Dividends (#S4CD) is a student-led movement that aims to catapult a free market climate solution—specifically the Carbon Dividends framework—into the national spotlight and open the door to bipartisan climate action.


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 An Unprecedented Student Coalition.

The first time that a broad-ranging student coalition is
uniting around a climate solution that can cut
emissions at the necessary scale and speed.  

The first time ever College Republican groups are
publicly supporting a national climate solution.  

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A Breakthrough Climate Solution

A free market plan that's efficient, effective, and right for our political moment. 

tHE Carbon Dividends Plan


The Solution, Explained:


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Support is Simple.

1. ENDORSE: Join by endorsing the Carbon Dividends solution as an individual or as a student group.

2. INVITE: Invite three of your friends to endorse.

3. SHARE: Share the launch video, our social media coverage, and the TED talk.