The Founding Statement

As young Republicans and Democrats

with decades of life ahead, we believe that protecting our shared environment and mitigating the risks of climate instability is of paramount importance. So too is promoting jobs, economic growth, and prosperity.  While the public debate suggests these are competing goals, we know they go hand in hand.

What if there were a breakthrough climate solution that appeals to environmentalists and fossil fuel companies alike, and to all sides of the political spectrum? What if it yielded twice the emissions reductions of all Obama-era regulations, while reducing the size of government? What if it made the bottom 70% of society — more than 223 million Americans — financially better off, while creating jobs and strengthening our economy?

As amazing as it sounds, such a climate solution is within our reach. Students for Carbon Dividends is uniting to promote this much-needed climate breakthrough.


The Carbon Dividends framework is based on four interdependent pillars:

1. A gradually rising, revenue-neutral carbon pollution tax

2. Carbon dividend payments to all Americans

3. The phase-out of carbon regulations that are no longer necessary

4. Border carbon adjustments to level the playing field for workers and businesses

This proposal embodies the core principles of free markets and limited government.  Yet it would also achieve significantly greater emissions reductions than all current and prior climate regulations combined. The plan would nurture innovation and sustainable growth, protect vulnerable communities, and help American workers and businesses thrive.

By inspiring and engaging an ever-growing coalition of student groups — of all backgrounds and from all sides of the political spectrum — S4CD will catapult a free market climate solution to the forefront of the national debate and encourage Congress to take action.