Graphic and Video Designer

Students for Carbon Dividends (S4CD) is a conservative-led, bipartisan climate coalition that engages students, campus VIPs, and millennial leaders around the free-market Carbon Dividends solution. The breakthrough framework is endorsed by the broadest climate coalition in American history and by the largest statement of economists in the history of the profession. As the generation most affected by climate instability, we are working to catapult the carbon dividends solution into the national spotlight, deliver a bipartisan victory, and safeguard American strength and prosperity.


S4CD is searching for a Graphic and Video Designer to contribute at all levels of our organization. As S4CD rapidly expands, the Designer will be instrumental in expanding S4CD’s video and visual content as we engage student leaders nationwide.

The Designer will focus on expanding S4CD’s unique brand, which is purposefully distinct from mainstream environmental brands. This includes creating dynamic video content, photos and graphics as well as website designs, targeted ad campaigns, branded materials, and more.

Candidates should have relevant video and/or graphic design experience, and an interest in and/or knowledge of the environmental field.

For recent graduates or dedicated current students. Competitive salary.

Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter to