Co-Founder Endorsements

Brown College Republicans

Brown College Republicans is proud to join the Students for Carbon Dividends. We believe  in a free market approach to climate change is the most productive way for America to continue its role as a global innovator in the 21st century. We are grateful for the work and leadership on this issue from previous Republican diplomats such as Secretaries of State George Schultz and James Baker as well as leading economists, Martin Feldstein and Greg Mankiw. 

Time and time again, direct government involvement has lead to more problems than it has solutions. For this reason we support a carbon dividends plan that removes unnecessary carbon regulations and returns dividends to American taxpayers. This plan will reduce carbon reductions without burdening American businesses with overbearing regulations.  

Clemson College Republicans

Clemson University College Republicans are proud to be on the forefront of the Conservative Climate Solution. We believe this mission will create not only a better America, but a better world for us to live in based on the key principles of a free market solution. We believe it is important movement for all of the Republican Party to get behind in an effort that will not only bolster our world's environment, but enhance our country's economy by giving stability to corporations and by empowering the consumers. We hope this movement will be able to catch even more traction and bipartisan support going further in what is a necessary issue where now everyone can win.  


Cornell Republicans

The Cornell Republicans believe there are market solutions to environmentalism, centered on reorienting a flawed incentive system produced by excessive federal, state, and local regulations. By using a market and property-rights driven approach, conservatives and the GOP more broadly will be able to craft legislation that will conserve our environment for years to come.

The Climate Leadership Council’s plan to institute a carbon tax, spearheaded by former Secretary of State George Shultz and other elder Republican statesmen, is a conservative answer to the Left’s government-driven environmentalism, and an important step in this mission of conservation. A carbon tax with proceeds going to dividends will revert twisted incentives and will reward Americans who reduce their carbon emissions. In addition, with the implementation of the Climate Leadership Council’s four pillars, we will be able to roll back constrictive Obama-era regulations on the environment.

By joining the student coalition, we hope to add our voice to a growing group of individuals who seek to formulate proactive, conservative responses to questions of the environment and signal to policymakers that market-driven environmental reform is on the horizon.


Harvard Republican Club

The Harvard Republican Club is excited to partner with the Conservative Climate Coalition, joining policy experts and College Republican chapters nationwide in advocacy for conservative, market-based solutions to climate change. We support the efforts of this coalition because we reject the notion that only two options exist with regards to climate change policy – one of inaction and one of excessive government intervention.

We believe there is a responsible, more effective, less invasively regulatory way to take action. We admire the research and policy advocacy done by Professors at our own University, Professor Martin Feldstein and Professor N. Gregory Mankiw, and are excited to support and promotes policy supported by their research. The importance of conservative voices being heard, and conservative policies being written, on the subject is crucial to dialogue that is to come, and the Harvard Republican Club is grateful to be connected with a network of College Republicans sharing our beliefs.


Haverford College Republicans

The Haverford College Republicans are thrilled to announce that we are publicly joining forces with the distinguished members of the Students for Carbon Dividends Coalition. The S4CD supports an efficient and effective market-driven solution to a rapidly growing environmental problem. The carbon dividends plan provides an economically viable solution, which reinvests dividends in the American people. Furthermore, the carbon dividends plan creates a solution that traverses partisan divides on a heavily contested issue without compromising our conservative values.

In joining this growing coalition, the Haverford College Republicans hope to help invigorate our conservative contemporaries. We are proud to be a part of this movement and look forward to accomplishing a market-driven environmental reform.  We hope that this is the beginning of even more bipartisan reform that helps drive our economy without sacrificing our environment.

University of Michigan Student Sustainability Initiative

In order to reckon with the planetary crisis our generation is inheriting, we believe that it is necessary to support the proposed carbon tax and dividend policy. Our economic system does not efficiently account for the damaging environmental externalities of our market, which is why it is of the utmost importance to support bipartisan policies for addressing climate change. It is time to correct our economy’s historic oversights of Earth’s health. Responsibly accounting for our carbon emissions will be critical in our global efforts to abate current atmospheric carbon levels. Reducing the effects of climate change will require addressing a combination of large-scale variables. This is why it is important that we take quick, deliberate steps into the future. Serious pushback on emission standards demands a more popular free-market approach to address the carbon crisis. The carbon tax and dividend plan appears most effective in reducing US emissions because the associated costs will incentivize polluters to innovate toward more sustainable practices. As such, we believe that the CLC’s proposal is an efficient and equitable means of transition toward a low- carbon economy. The discourse of this plan on college campuses is now essential. We are eager for the responsibility to bring conversation and study of the carbon tax and dividend plan to the University of Michigan’s student body.


North Carolina State University College Republicans

The North Carolina State University College Republicans are excited to be a part of the Students for Carbon Dividends Coalition. It is our view that a pursuit of green energy solutions is vital to both achieving independent energy security and capturing new domestic economic opportunities in this emerging industry. In specific regards to the Carbon Dividend plan, we fully support and are excited by the idea of returning carbon tax revenues back to the citizenry. Past plans have always designated that proposed revenues be returned to the Government at some level. It is our club’s strongly held and central opinion that the Government at any level (especially Federal) is a less efficient spender than the individual citizen. We are more than happy to join this strong coalition and help foster this revolutionary idea.


Princeton College Democrats

Climate change is the defining issue of the day. Nothing else can have such a direct impact on so many different aspects of lives around the globe. For this reason, the Princeton College Democrats are proud to join and support the Students for Carbon Dividends (#S4CD). We strongly believe that supporting the Baker-Schultz Carbon Dividends Plan is the best way forward for our community, both here in Princeton and across the world. As has often been said of this proposal, it adheres to the principles of the free market and a limited government, while still effectively tackling the central problem of emissions and sustainable growth. Importantly, this proposal also protects American workers and businesses. We urge other groups on campus and beyond to join us in supporting this proposal so we can leave a better planet for generations to come.


Rutgers College Republicans

The Rutgers University College Republicans are proud to be a co-founding members of the Students for Carbon Dividends Coalition. The energy industry as we know it has been inefficiently run as an incentive-based system. With a market-based approach, we believe we have the opportunity to revolutionize how we approach environmental issues and see to it that Americans have more options when it comes to protecting their environment. 


Yale College Republicans

The Yale College Republicans are proud to join Students for Carbon Dividends as a Co-Founder. We join the coalition with the belief that sound Republican economic principles are not incompatible with responsible climate policy. We believe a conservative pathway forward—one that harnesses the power of the free market in order to promote clean energy, reduce carbon emissions, and safeguard economic growth—is the right way to effectively combat the pressing issue of climate change.

The carbon dividends plan, advanced by the Climate Leadership Council, accomplishes exactly that. The plan would slash emissions while simultaneously unwinding regulations and shrinking the size of government. It would also benefit American workers, protect our national security, and put the US in the driver’s seat of global climate policy.

We are honored to stand alongside both elder conservative luminaries—including James A. Baker III, George P. Shultz, Hank Paulson, Greg Mankiw, and Martin Feldstein— and younger collegiate Republican leaders in backing the carbon dividends plan. The risk of climate instability is one our generation must reckon with, and we believe in the inherent wisdom of a conservative-based approach.

We call upon others, in particular our fellow young conservatives, to join this important effort. In partnership with S4CD, we look forward to working with an ever-growing coalition to advance this winning climate proposal.


Yale Student Environmental Coalition

The Yale Student Environmental Coalition (YSEC) strives to foster a sense of community around people and earth at Yale, uniting networks of environmentalists as well as providing opportunities for students of all backgrounds to engage and share their perspectives on environmental issues. For that reason, YSEC is proud to join and support Students for Carbon Dividends (#S4CD). We believe that the Baker-Schultz Carbon Dividends Plan promoted by S4CD and its Co-Founders is the best climate solution opportunity of our time. While co-authored by leaders of the Republican party, this plan is a consensus solution, universally appealing because it is principally pragmatic. Using free-market, limited government principles, the carbon dividends plan will allow the U.S. to meet its high-end Paris Agreement goals, reducing carbon emissions at a rate that actually reflects the urgency necessary to combat climate change. YSEC also supports this plan because it strives to benefit both people and planet, rewarding American workers and businesses for sustainable practices. We urge you to join us in support of S4CD, and in doing so become part of a student movement built on unity, hope, and a fierce desire for effective climate action.


CU College Republicans

The CU College Republicans are proud to join the Students for Carbon Dividends initiative. We recognize climate change as a real and consequential threat against which precautionary measures ought to be taken. It is our belief that the ideal solution to climate change is one that sacrifices nothing in its potency while allowing American innovators to continue to thrive at home and compete internationally. Former Republican Secretaries of State James Baker and George Schultz are therefore correct to point to a price on carbon as the maximally efficient, minimally intrusive way to guide markets towards a sustainable and productive future. Because conserving our planet should not be used as an opportunity for enlarging our government, we support the Carbon Dividends approach of returning the money raised directly to the taxpayers, while also removing cumbersome carbon regulations which the more economical and effective price on carbon will render obsolete. 

Wabash College Republicans

The members of the Wabash College Republicans proudly join this movement. Finding a sound, sensible solution to global climate change is a must for our planet. Furthermore, young people need to lead these discussions because we have the most at stake. We are looking forward to the continued success of this cause.