Launched in 2018, our founding coalition made history. This marks the first time that a bipartisan student coalition has united around a concrete climate plan.

It was also the first time ever that College Republican groups have publicly supported a national climate solution.


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S4CD Co-Founder Endorsements

...Sound Republican economic principles are not incompatible with responsible climate policy.
— Yale College Republicans
Serious pushback on emission standards demands a more popular free-market approach to address the carbon crisis.
— UMichigan Student Sustainability Initiative
...We reject the notion that only two options exist with regards to climate change policy – one of inaction and one of excessive government intervention.... We believe there is a responsible, more effective, less invasively regulatory way to take action.
— Harvard Republican Club
...Carbon Dividends is a truly common sense approach. The Carbon Dividend plan promotes the free market as well as protecting the taxpayer... We are honored to be taking initiatives that will show the American people that Republicans do care about our environment.
— The Connecticut Federation of College Republicans