BIG NEWS: James Mattis Praises Carbon Dividends Plan

Big news! James Mattis, the legendary American general and former Secretary of Defense, has backed the Carbon Dividends Plan.

“I think the carbon dividend plan makes sense,” Mattis declared in an interview at George Washington University in DC. Mattis made the remarks on Friday night as part of an event for his just-released book Call Sign Chaos.

“If there’s a chance that [climate change] can be as potentially catastrophic as some think it could be,” Mattis continued, “wouldn’t it be good to have an insurance policy?”

General Mattis boasts one of the most storied military careers in American history. Across his more than four decades of service in the US military, Mattis fought in the Gulf War, the Afghanistan War, and the Iraq War—and became known as a brilliant war fighter and military strategist.

A member of the US Marine Corps, Mattis went on to serve as Commander of the United States Central Command and Commander of the United States Joint Forces Command, as well as NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander. This is in addition to his service as our nation’s 26th Secretary of Defense.

In recent weeks, Mattis has spoken repeatedly about the effects of climate disruption on national security, and the wisdom of taking out an insurance policy to guard against the worst-case impacts.

In remarks last week reported by Fox News, Mattis said that addressing climate instability is a matter of “national security.” Its effects, he explained, create “refugee flows, a need for humanitarian assistance, and opportunities for terrorists to recruit vulnerable populations.”

“Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis has achieved a legendary status.” -Business Insider

For Mattis, one of our nation’s foremost military leaders and thinkers, to speak out so directly on this issue, should be a wake-up call for all of us. Addressing climate instability, as Mattis has emphasized, could prove key to safeguarding American strength and prosperity.

General Mattis is someone who knows how to win, and solving climate change is no exception. #CarbonDividends #MattisVsClimateChange

Mattis joins many of our nation’s top economic minds, political officials, and business leaders in backing the breakthrough Carbon Dividends solution. From major businesses and environmental groups to political leaders of all stripes, the carbon dividends proposal has earned the support of the broadest climate coalition in American history. This includes the record-breaking “Economists’ Statement on Carbon Dividends” (2019)—the largest statement of economists of all time.

Now, more than ever, the time is ripe to lead on this important issue and safeguard the country we are blessed to call home. We invite you to join us—and American patriots such as General Mattis—in advancing this breakthrough pro-growth solution.

S4CD Team