Celebrating RepublicEn!

One of our all-time favorite organizations is RepublicEn, which similarly works to engage young people and student leaders in the #EcoRight space. Founded in 2012 by former Congressman Bob Inglis (R-SC), RepublicEn’s mission is to “encourage and embolden conservative climate leadership in America.”

 One of the things we love about RepublicEn is their clarity of thought and commitment to principle. As they state on their homepage: “We are the EcoRight. We want to solve climate change. We believe the free market is the answer.”

Wise words from fmr. Congressman Bob Inglis (Executive Director of RepublicEn), a steadfast champion of carbon pricing and free enterprise climate solutions.

From their speaking events around the country, to their Congressional field trips, to their team of EcoRight spokespeople, to their excellent webinars, to their many media appearances in print, radio & TV, RepublicEn is a thriving hub of #ecoright activity.

This includes their awesome weekly newsletter, which highlights the key developments in the field. For the newsletter alone (created by the highly talented Chelsea Henderson), we strongly encourage everyone to sign-up for the RepublicEn email list.

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In addition, RepublicEn has a digital Action Center that enables students to connect directly with lawmakers and other officials in support of free market climate solutions. Here’s the link to learn more.

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 As S4CD, we are grateful for RepublicEn’s continued leadership and inspired by their example. A big thanks to their amazing team (including Alex Bozmoski, Kevin Crosswhite, Wen Lee, and Price Atkinson) and to the thousands of students nationwide who are a part of their community.

In the year ahead, S4CD is looking forward to deepening its partnership with RepublicEn as we work with student leaders around the country in support of free enterprise climate solutions. This will include on-campus programming, social media campaigns, joint events, and more. We are excited to share more news as it develops. 

Alex Bozmoski (Managing Director of RepublicEn) and Kiera O’Brien (Vice President of S4CD) presenting at the 2018 Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) National Convention.

At S4CD, we know there are other groups engaging young people around market-based climate solutions. We applaud the fresh energy in this space, but have not formally endorsed any other groups, or vice versa. We are focused on building support for the only climate solution endorsed by the chief economic advisers to Republican Presidents.

Guided by bedrock economic principles, we are grateful to be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with legendary Republican leaders in support of the pro-growth carbon dividends framework. This includes James A. Baker III (Chief of Staff to Ronald Reagan & Secretary of State to President H.W. Bush), George P. Shultz (Secretary of State to President Reagan), Hank Paulson (Treasury Secretary to President George W. Bush), Martin Feldstein (Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers to Ronald Reagan), N. Gregory Mankiw (Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers to President George W. Bush), Trent Lott (fmr. Republican Senate Majority Leader), and many more.

As ever, we are guided by a love of country and a steadfast commitment to American strength and prosperity.

There is no better time to step forward, with courage and conviction, in support of these principles. We invite you to join us—and student leaders across the country—in this important endeavor.

S4CD Team