S4CD Hosts Action-Packed Congressional Briefing w/Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA)

“Climate, Luntz Global, and the Millennial Vote”

S4CD Congressional Briefing: July 10th, 2019

This week, S4CD hosted an action-backed and hugely succesful Congressional briefing. One attendee, who has worked in DC politics for decades, remarked that it was the single best-attended Congressional briefing he had ever seen.

Over 130+ people were in attendance, including representatives from 30+ federal offices. The line stretched out the door, and the event was standing room only! When Rep. Fitzpatrick (R-PA) walked into the jam-packed room, you could see him mouth “wow.”

The line to attend our Congressional briefing stretched all the way down the hallway.

The briefing featured Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA01), Beth Youra (the Vice President of Luntz Global), Kiera O’Brien (the President Emerita of the Harvard Republican Club), and Alex Posner (the President of Students for Carbon Dividends).

Rep. Fitzpatrick has been a champion of free market climate solutions and a supporter of carbon dividends. We are grateful for his principled leadership on this important issue.

The central focus of the hearing—entitled “Climate, Luntz Global, and the Millennial Vote”—was the groundbreaking climate memo from Luntz Global. The memo, released in June, was recently circulated to every Republican Congressional office. As it outlines:

  • “Climate Change is a GOP VULNERABILITY and a GOP OPPORTUNITY.”

  • 69% of Republicans are concerned the party's position on climate change is hurting the party with younger voters

  • Carbon Dividends enjoys 7-to-1 support among GOP voters under 40

Nick Wright, a Partner at Luntz Global (which has been tracking public climate opinion for decades), remarked that "this is the first time we've polled a climate plan that has real positive appeal across Republicans and Democrats.”

Beth Youra, VP of Luntz Global, interacting with attendees at S4CD’s Congressional briefing.

As part of S4CD’s Congressional briefing, Beth Youra, VP of Luntz Global, led a masterful presentation on the memo’s findings.

We are thankful to her and the incredible team at Luntz Global (founded by Republican messaging legend Frank Luntz), to Rep. Fitzpatrick for his opening remarks and leadership on free market climate solutions, and to our VP Kiera O’Brien and President Alex Posner for their important insights.

Our VP Kiera O’Brien interacting with attendees after the Congressional briefing.

Most of all, we are thankful to the many students and young people (including interns and staffers from more than 30 federal offices) for their interest, questions, and enthusiasm.

Momentum for the breakthrough Carbon Dividends plan continues to build! It is time to unleash one of the greatest forces on earth—American innovation—towards a cleaner and more prosperous future.

S4CD Team