Our VP Testifies in Front of the US Senate!

From July 25th, 2019.

Our very own VP Kiera O’Brien testified this week in front of the US Senate! She was joined by the legendary GOP pollster Frank Luntz as well as Utah-based conservative activist Nicholas Huey.

The hearing was titled “The Right Thing To Do: Conservatives for Climate Action" and was organized by the US Senate Special Committee on the Climate Crisis.

O’Brien (President Emerita of the Harvard Republican Club) was honored to have her chance to speak before the committee. As she explained, “Climate instability is an issue of great concern for young conservatives. Acting on climate is therefore not only good policy—it is good politics.”

Watch Kiera’s powerful opening testimony in front of the US Senate!

As O’Brien furthered, “My generation has displayed a willingness to come together to confront this challenge. We are now asking that our elected officials do the same.”

The hearing generated a wave of press attention (including articles in The Hill, The Washington Examiner, Roll Call, ABC News, Alaska Public Radio, EOS, The Bulletin, AJC, E&E News, Politico, and more).

Our VP Kiera also appeared on ABC News Live (with Senior Washington Reporter Devin Dwyer) to talk about the Senate hearing, S4CD, and the growing momentum for free-market climate solutions.

S4CD’s Vice President, Kiera O’Brien, appearing on ABC News Live.

More than anything, this whole experience underscored the growing enthusiasm for the carbon dividends solution. It is fast emerging as the basis for a bipartisan climate breakthrough.

With the right leadership—especially from student leaders across the country—we can catapult the carbon dividends solution firmly into the national spotlight and safeguard American strength, health, and prosperity.

S4CD Team