S4CD Coalition Triples In Size

The S4CD coalition made history when we launched last year with 23 College Republican Groups, 6 College Democrat Groups, and 5 College Environmental Groups as Co-Founders. It marked the first time that a chorus of College Republican groups had ever endorsed a national climate solution, and the first time that a bipartisan student coalition was uniting around a concrete climate strategy.

Our launch drew national media attention, including major stories in The New York Times, TIME, The Hill, The Atlantic, Fox News, CNBC and more.


Today, we are excited to announce that our coalition has more than tripled in size and is now 100+ groups strong. This includes College Republicans, Young Americans for Liberty, Turning Point USA, Young Republicans, College Democrats, Energy and Environmental Groups, Business Groups, and more. See the full list here.

Coalition_100+ (red).001.png

This momentum is further evidence that the Carbon Dividends Plan is the win-win climate solution we have been waiting for.

“The Carbon Dividends Plan is fast-emerging as the most promising basis for a bipartisan climate breakthrough, as our own coalition demonstrates,” said Alexander Posner, President of Students for Carbon Dividends (S4CD). “Amazingly, the plan would both shrink government and yield greater emissions reductions at the same time.”

Considered nationally, the free-market Carbon Dividends Plan is now backed by the broadest climate coalition in American history. This includes 3,500+ economists from all 50 states—the largest number to endorse any policy on any topic, ever.

“Our nation’s leading economic minds, most of whom are professors on our campuses, have pointed the way forward,” said Posner. “Now young people—the generation most affected by climate instability—are stepping up to the plate. Where our adult political leaders have been unwilling, or unable, to forge agreement around common-sense solutions, we on college campuses are showing them how it’s done.”

Join our national coalition and make history here.

S4CD Team