Economists’ Statement Shatters Records!

Major news! The “Economists’ Statement on Carbon Dividends” has become the largest statement of economists in the history of the profession. Over 3,500 economists nationwide—representing all 50 states—have signed on.

That is the largest number to endorse any policy on any topic, ever. Truly an unprecedented show of force.

This statement is further evidence that the free-market Carbon Dividends Plan is the breakthrough climate solution we have been waiting for.

Economists are the custodians of our nation’s economic well-being. Their research has birthed an abundance of important insights, and their stewardship has helped make the United States the greatest economic superpower in the history of the world.

The economics community—in a statement that spans economic disciplines and political persuasions—has now stepped forward to issue a clarion call on climate policy. In the face of a genuine threat to American prosperity and freedom, these architects of America’s economic might have pointed the way yet again. There has never been a statement by economists this large in American history, and we ignore them at our peril.

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America’s top economic minds have pointed the way forward. It is time follow their pathbreaking lead. Join our national student coalition here.

S4CD Team