Major New Polling from Luntz Global


The highly-respected polling firm Luntz Global—founded by GOP messaging guru Frank Luntz—is out with some major new polling on Carbon Dividends.

There are many important—and exciting—findings in the report. Here are three key highlights:

1) The Carbon Dividends Plan enjoys clear support (4 to 1) from the American people.


2) Among voters under 40, support for the plan is overwhelming. Most notably, young conservatives support the plan on a 7 to 1 basis.

Luntz Global quote (1).png

3) Advancing climate solutions is not only good policy. It is also good politics.


This new Luntz polling is further evidence that it is time for action and that the Carbon Dividends Plan is the breakthrough climate solution we have been waiting for. By shrinking government and achieving far greater emissions reductions at the same time, the plan will deliver all sides of the political spectrum a genuine victory.

Luntz Global quote.png

Full Luntz report available here.

S4CD Team